Media & Culture Fast Forward is a VRT initiative in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Youth and Media about the future of media and culture. It emanated from Media Fast Forward, an annual inspiration and networking festival that brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers and policy makers of the media industry to think about digital challenges. 

We want to be an accessible platform for new ideas and bring the Flemish media, culture, technology and innovation sector in contact with each other and with international innovators. 

We want to listen to what others have to say and innovate with you. 

Because bringing people together and working together strengthens our position as a public broadcaster. And the power to strengthen a society is inherent in both culture and media. The link to culture therefore feels very intuitive.

This year’s theme is ‘Ctrl Act Del’, in which we focus on how to resurrect and consider our social responsibility in this reboot.

Together, we will guide Flanders to tomorrow’s society.