2019: Stories with an impact

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Let’s be honest. Our world is in jeopardy. The 21st century is characterized by great uncertainty and unprecedented opportunities. We do not live in an age of change, but in a change of epoch. And that raises big questions. It is up to VRT to assume its pioneering role as a social player.

At Media Fast Forward we invite colleagues and competitors to talk about the challenges of our society and industry.

These change-makers took the floor last year: Dewi Van De Vyver, Kacper Przybylski, Kawtar Ehlalouch, Sarah Dimani, Benjamin Dalle, Reine Nkiambote, Bouba Kalala, Thomas Smolders, Dominique Deckmyn, Ece Temelkuran, Marijke Celis, Jan Jagers, Kris Vanmarsenille, Polle De Maagt, Olivier Goris, Anthony Bosschem, Nicholas Lataire, Yasmien Naciri, Dylan Marron, Dimitri Antonissen,…

In 2019, under the title ‘Opposites Attract’, we took a closer look at the theme of polarisation. That was Media Fast Forward 2019.