Web Attack #1

An Urgent Conversation with Peter Hinssen. Five lessons learned about rebooting media, culture & society after COVID-19 - 11.06

The world is a different place than four months ago. You’ve probably noticed that too. We were forced to adapt. But what about the future? How can we take advantage of this change and use it for good?

It served as the central theme for our first Web Attack. That’s right. A Web Attack. Not a webinar, but an online conversation between curator Fredo De Smet, one central guest and you

Web Attack #1 takes us to a deserted chapel in Mater, Flanders. Our guest is innovative thinker Peter Hinssen. A conversation between 100 computers and just as many viewers. Discover the five key learnings here.

1. Time To Reboot

The lockdown is more or less coming to an end. But one thing is for sure: change is coming (and staying). Luckily, we do have a say in this. And we do have the ability to define and shape this ‘new normal’.

2. Do it Digitally

Imagine going through this 25 years ago. Sitting at home. Dialing up to surf the web. Things don’t seem that bad now, do they? In a world where digital is the only option, the digital world itself has gotten a massive boost. Working from home: normal. Video calls: the usual. Even homeschooling is taking new forms. We’ve all been using OTT platforms even more to watch video and regular TV. And in a world without theatres and cinemas, culture remained an important craving for us all.

And that’s just the start…

3. One Shock at a Time

Change is coming. Soon. And more intensely than ever before. Peter Hinssen expects this change to arrive in sudden shocks, rather than gradually. There’s no ‘new normal’, according to Peter. In fact, there’s a ‘never normal’.


4. Creativity vs. AI

You may have asked yourself: “What will be the influence of AI on our creativity?” One of our viewers did at least. Because, as we mentioned before, this was a conversation between Fredo, Peter and you, the viewer. 

And here’s what Peter had to say on creativity vs. AI. Despite (or maybe thanks to) AI, human creativity will be more important than before. Creative people will play a key role in the future. The only question is whether the next generations are prepared for it. Will they be able to blend technological knowledge and creativity?

5. Wanted: Mystery Solvers

There’s puzzles and then there are mysteries. Puzzles are simple, predictable. Usually you can tell the outcome beforehand. By looking at the box the puzzle comes in, for instance.
Mysteries, on the other hand, are chaotic. No one knows how they will turn out. And as it turns out ‘reboots’ tend to resemble mysteries, rather than puzzles. 

If we truly want to achieve change in our society, we’re in desperate need of mystery solvers. People with imagination. Out-of-the-box thinkers. People who dare to do things differently.