Web Attack #2 – A Critical Conversation about the Future of the Internet

- 30.06

What does the future of the Internet look like? And will it bring the Internet back to its origins? Towards the public space, in the hands of its users, at the service of citizens?

You might think: the future of the Internet, that’s no small thing. Where do we start?

Well, we have some good news. Someone already dived into it, more specifically, the inventor of the World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee. As if by accident he discovered a piece of code on Github that gave him the courage and inspiration to set up a big project. His project Solid (Social Linked Data) takes place at MIT and the code was written by Prof. Ruben Verborgh from Ghent University. His involvement is a great example of how we can build the digital future from Flanders.

All of this sounds very promising, no? But there’s more. And more is needed. More than protocols or technology. It also takes imagination and creativity to go against the forces of today’s platforms. There’s a need for an activist and inclusive attitude that’s both poetic and technological.
This quest leads us to the arts and artists. We’ll be talking to Femke Snelting of NGO Constant, artist, researcher and curator at the intersection of design, feminism and free software.

On Tuesday June 30, we’ll have a chat about this with Ruben and Femke.
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Web Attack #2
A conversation with Femke Snelting and Ruben Verborgh
Tuesday, June 30th, 10 – 11.30 a.m.
On Zoom