We’re on the verge of something huge.
A new beginning. A new chapter. A new story.
This story is not a book, film or TV series, not a game, interactive experience or web format. It’s all those things at once.

What story are we talking about? Time will tell. But that’s not the question. Who’s holding the pen? That’s what it’s all about. Who’s behind the wheel? Who owns the story? 

We’ve learned the hard way that, more than ideology, technology determines the future. A conversation about the future of our media, our culture, is therefore a conversation about technology.
This conversation has been redefined this year. Yesterday, technology was a threat. Today, we flee into her arms.
We now spend even more time looking at our screens. But what business model is behind this? How sustainable is it? What value does it create? For us, as a citizen, as a society. 

Technology may be a disruption. Yet at the same time, it is a driver for progress and change.
Those who understand this, those who act and innovate, they make the future.

Changemakers of tomorrow, it’s time for a new start. Time to reboot. Time to act.