Game Engines in TV & Film (EN)

For some time now game engines have been game changers in television and film productions. We talk to, among others, Habib Zargarpour, a living legend when it comes to special effects. Zargarpour was at the helm of visually groundbreaking blockbusters such as Twister and The Perfect Storm and more recently Blade Runner 2049 and Greyhound. He explains how game engines like Unity make impressive special effects increasingly accessible to film and TV makers who are on a tight budget.

In September we already spoke with moderator Youri Loedts. You can find the interview here.

In collaboration with the Flanders Audiovisual Fund


Youri Loedts - Head of Game Department (VAF)


Youri Loedts - Head of Game Department (VAF)

Tue 15.129:30 — 10:30